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29: Your Stories 2023 Part 1

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Your Stories 2023 Part 1

That's right ladies and gentlemen, the 2023 edition of Your Stories is here.

Listen to a collection of personal stories from other listeners from around the world.

Hear about UFO sightings from Sweden, and Greenland as well as near death experiences, and a sighting of ball lightning.

Listen to the amazing indepth story of someone who was taken to another star system to fight in a battle.

All that and many more stories from you my wonderful listeners.

There were so many stories sent in to us at WWW.UFOSandOPS.COM that we had to make this our first two part episode - the second part will be coming next week!

Do get in contact with us by using the contact form on the website to tell us about YOUR STORIES of ghosts, cryptids or UFOs and Aliens. We would all really love to know your story.

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May 02, 2023

Ufo-and-paranormal-spiritual conference on the 10th June 2023 in Newport Gwent. Book

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