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Chatting About the Paranormal with Deborah Hatswell from Being Believed Research

Everyone, meet Deborah Hatswell.


Deborah is an investigator with Being Believed Research (BBR), and has undertaken investigations into many aspects of the paranormal including British bigfoot, dogmen and other cryptids, but also UFOs and ghosts too.


Deborah has even featured on some television shows about these subjects too.


You can find exclusive reports, hear BBR's latest podcasts, and buy the official merchandise at the official BBR website:


And you can find a plethora of information about the investigations that the BBR have undertaken including films, an interactive map, etc here:


So settle down with a nice cool beverage, and listen to our chat about the paranormal.  Then why not join? You can do that by sending us a message through WWW.UFOSandOPS.COM

We are considering doing a live event, and it would be great if you could all join us and join in the chat about all things paranormal with Deborah at Being Believed Research and Andy at UFOs and Other Paranormal Stuff.

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1 Comment

Jan 27

This is wonderful. I so loved this podcast, thanks to both. Yes, I think there could be a connection with Japan/Far East or something to do with some energy from there that's manifesting around this gentleman.

It might not necessarily be a person or DNA-related, but maybe something someone else in your family encountered or a circle that needed to be squared. An old promise or an old friendship forged by someone in your family many moons ago?

Fascinating, and I agree, I would check this out further. X

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