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Articles on UFO's and the paranormal by the mysterious Maggie Zed

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by Maggie Zed

What is the truth about tic-tac UFO’s?

There can be no doubt, that since the release of the ‘tic-tac’ UFO footage by the New York Times on 16 December 2017, the debate surrounding the UFO and Extraterrestrial question has been reignited and reinvigorated.

There has been renewed interest, even by the mainstream media, in the subject, albeit in it’s usual tongue in cheek, don’t take this too seriously, kind of way.

The release of several videos showing ‘tic-tac’ UFO’s from 2017 to 2019 seems to have gone hand in hand with the push for full disclosure on the subject.

Those that have spent a large proportion of their life searching for answers must finally feel like they are starting to get to the truth of the matter.  But who can we really trust to give us the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Trying to wade through the barrage of information, opinion and misinformation out there can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening, but are we finally being given the answers by way of drip fed disclosure?

One high profile figure has emerged from the fringes of the UFO world seemingly along side the release of the ‘tic-tac’ footage. But are they even close to the real answers?


Luis Elizondo is the former head of the Department of Defence’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Programme (AATIP).  In the later part of 2017 Mr Elizondo met with Leslie Kean a freelance journalist, where he revealed the existence of a Pentagon programme investigating Military reports of UFO’s, all to the tune of $22 million. 

He had been head of this secret programme since 2010 and the day before his meeting with Leslie Kean he had handed in his resignation at the programme for the sake of National Security.

So, what does Mr Elizondo think about ‘tic-tac’ UFO’s?

He has stated in previous interviews that he and his colleagues had ‘determined that the phenomena they had studied did not seem to originate from any country.’ 

He also claimed during an interview with GQ Magazine that “tic-tac UFO’s were new to the public, but not to the government.”  And has also stated “I have in my possession official US government documentation that describes the exact same vehicle that we now call the Tic Tac [seen by the Nimitz pilots in 2004] being described in the early 1950s and early 1960s and performing in ways that, frankly, can outperform anything we have in our inventory.

For some country to have developed hypersonic technology, instantaneous acceleration and basically transmedial travel in the early 1950s is absolutely preposterous.”

Due to the fact that Mr Elizondo still holds security clearance, you can’t help but feel he may know more than he is permitted to say.  Shouldn’t we also wonder why someone who was the head of AATIP felt the need to resign and turn whistle blower in order for those in power to sit up and take notice and begin to look at UFO’s in a serious light.  Could it be possible that those in ‘the know’, know exactly what ‘tic-tac’ UFO’s are and where they come from, leaving Mr Elizondo and his colleagues chasing their tails, while they kept their secrecy and misinformation machine ticking over?

On 27 April 2020 The US Department of Defense confirmed the UAP videos and released them officially into the public domain. In a statement the Pentagon said “The Areal Phenomena observed in the videos remain characterised as ‘unidentified.’

At last, were we finally seeing a government taking the subject seriously even though they did not reveal anything we didn’t already know. It certainly went some way, however, in corroborating Mr Elizondo’s story.


Whatever you may believe, Luis Elizondo has been a key figure in renewing the UFO debate and establishing important contacts that have enabled the start of a serious conversation in the mainstream.

Given past actions, can we trust today’s governments to seriously investigate the origins of ‘tic- tac’ UFO’s?

We know from recent history that most of the ‘supposedly’ serious investigations into UFO’s were used to discredit and deflect the phenomena.  Years and years of ridiculing witnesses and debunking UFO incidents has taken it’s toll on those who have experienced and witnessed the phenomena and those who believe.

How can they trust a government that has instigated cover ups, intimidation of witnesses and employed debunkers to do their bidding?

There is still a long and winding path to walk down before it can be seen that they are really seeking the truth and allowing it to be publicly known.

We also have to consider the possibility that UFO’s are and have always been experimental technologies, being tested on an unsuspecting public over the past 80 years, their real use known only to a privileged few.


Is this why governments have never been able to provide us with a straight answer?  Or is it as simple as this; our governments do not have a clue what they are despite numerous studies and investigations, they don’t have any actual answers themselves.

The fact is ‘tic-tac’ UFO’s have outmanoeuvred, outrun and toyed with US Navy and Airforce Top Guns.

This has huge implications for any nations national security if these ‘UAP’s’ cannot be intercepted by a countries defensive capabilities.

Thankfully they have not shown any hostile intentions so far.

Without any definitive answers from ‘the powers that be’, what we are left with are the numerous eyewitness accounts, the video footage captured, mass sightings, expert testimony from those who fly planes and serve in the armed forces and evidence captured on radar and Navy Advanced Targeting Forward Looking Infrared (ATFLIR).

We cannot deny this evidence and must continue to endeavour to find out the truth.

What are your thoughts on the tic-tac phenomena? Do you believe we are being told the truth? Are we as much in he dark now as we were 30 years ago?

I would love to hear your thoughts and send them to me via the contact box below.

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Are we Being Primed for Disclosure?
by Maggie Zed

Simple question:  Are we being primed for UFO disclosure of some sort?

I was just listening to a podcast about UFOs and disclosure.  The guest was asked if disclosure could happen soon.  His answer was a resounding "NO!".  That's right, this ufology expert did not think that UFO or alien related disclosure would not happen anytime soon.

I looked at the podcast details and it showed me what I already knew, that the podcast episode was quite old. 

It was released in the mid-2000's.

It was with all that in mind that I decided to ask the question again albeit in a slightly different way:  Are we being primed for disclosure?

Let's have a little look at some of the issues that have lead me to asking that question again:


1:  The details of the USS Nimitz UFO encounters dating from 2004, and other US Navy ships since then, have come to light after being "leaked" in 2017 and 2019.

2:  Those incidents went into the public domain big time and stayed there, helped by them and even more incidents being investigated by the US congress as part of the 2021 COVID-19 relief bill.

3:  The recent hearings regarding UFOs or UAP, recently again in the USA.

Then of course there was the Chinese spy balloon incidents just a few short weeks ago.  Balloons being used by the Chinese government were found floating in the skies above US bases and apparently spying on them.  Another balloon was found floating over countries in South America.

Other "objects", including some that were octagonal in shape, and did not appear to have any form of propulsion, or engine exhaust, were found to be flying over the USA and Canada at a height that could cause serious problems for civilian aircraft.  These, and the spy balloon were shot down by US and Canadian jets.


There is a question as to if some of these objects were in fact UFOs.  I don't believe any more information has come out about any of these objects, other than the spy balloon itself.


However, I DO believe that the US government and the world's media handling  of that recent event is key here.

What if the media and the government use of the term "UFO" was done on purpose?  The BBC, Sky News, CNN, Fox News, ABC, Reuters, AF, and many other media outlets were using the term "UFO" freely whereas usually they would not go near it with a barge pole.

What if the other objects seen in the days following the spy balloon were in fact things sent into the skies on purpose by the government?

Those things could be enough to make the UFO fans among us go out and look into the skies more than we usually do.

And of course many sceptics in America might look into the skies more due to being worried that another countries hardware is floating over the US territory.

I am not from the USA but I have heard that many people in the Europe are looking into the skies because of the press use of the term "UFO" during that week in February.

The fact that UFO believers were looked upon as being a little kooky in the decades before 2017 is less so now because the subject was being talked about seriously on the likes of the BBC, CNN, and even the ever reliable LBC in recent years, right up to February 2023.

A BBC news programme even mentioned "UFO" in relation to a mystery sonic boom heard over Leicester (UK) recently.

So are the media and the government using "UFO" and maybe even putting objects up into the skies themselves simply to get us used to more widespread use of the controversial 3 letter acronym, and ready for its more widespread use in serious situations such as BBC and CNN news reports as well as governmental communications?

Is something coming down the track that they know of but can do nothing about, and so need to start getting the public ready for information that for decades they could keep a lid on but very soon might not be able to?

The conspiracy theorists among us might say that a lot of things that might lead to disclosure seem to be lining up these past few years.

What do you think about the whole thing?

What do you think disclosure might look like?

Is it nigh??


Thanks for submitting!

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