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27 The Warminster Thing and Joe Biden's UFO Crash Investigation

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

The Warminster Thing was something rather odd that took place in and around the town of Warminster in south west England back in the 1960's.

Many people including a Church goer and nearby army base personnel reported very strange events that seemed to involve UFOs and possibly other alien technology.

What exactly happened down there in that paranormal county of Wiltshire?

This episode contains a real report of a UFO sighting made at Warminster during a sky watch, and was sent to me by David Hodrien, Chairman of BUFOG, the Birmingham UFO Group.

Please visit WWW.BUFOG.COM for this report and the video and photos contained in it, as well as other UFO reports submitted to BUFOG.

You can also view the footage from that report on youtube:


News has come out recently saying that US President Joe Biden has signed off on an investigation into a UFO crash that happened in the USA 2 years before Roswell.

If you have any information on any of the subjects talked about in this or any other episode of UFOS and Other Paranormal Stuff, would like to visit our online shop, check out older podcast episode, make a donation, or tell us your stories, please do by visiting: WWW.UFOSandOPS.COM

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