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The podcast for UFOs and Other Paranormal Stuff

Uncover the truth behind the unexplained with the UFOs and Other Paranormal Stuff podcast.

Join our community of enthusiasts as we explore UFO sightings, encounters with extraterrestrial life, ghosts, poltergeists, psychic phenomena, UFOs, government conspiracies, and more.

Tune in weekly and never miss an episode as we discover more about:

Conspiracy Theories, Government Cover-ups, Area 51, Ancient Astronauts, Haunted places, UFOs, Ghost Stories, Poltergeists, Cryptids and much much more.

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Andy's Background to the UFOs and Other Paranormal Stuff Podcast.

UFOs and Other Paranormal Stuff Podcast is a podcast about all things related to UFOs, the paranormal, the weird and mysterious.

If you like stories about the well known weird events in world history, as well as the lesser known ones, then this is the podcast for you. 

I started the UFOs and Other Paranormal Stuff podcast back in September 2020 as the result of an idea that came earlier that same year, during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and has grown nicely ever since those first days.

Having had virtually no experience with the broadcast industry, other than listening to the radio while working, I was incredibly nervous about the whole thing.

However, I decided to do my bit to bring some entertainment the world in those gloomy times, and I did it in the form of this podcast.

The choice of subject matter was not a difficult one to make.  With there being so much drama and bad news around I decided to bring about some more escapism for listeners.  With that in mind I decided that the mysterious world of the paranormal, and UFOs would be the thing to talk about.

 And where better to start than with my own experience of 5 UFOs over Mitcham Common in South London.

I am a big fan of Howard Hughes (the presenter not the American billionaire and aviator) and his show The Unexplained.  And he is a great inspiration to me and my podcast UFOs and Other Paranormal Stuff.

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UFOs and Other Paranormal Stuff is committed to bringing you the best podcast that we can. 

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