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World UFO Day trailer

World UFO Day


Hi everyone,

On 24th June and 2nd July we will be celebrating World UFO Day. Yes it falls on two days.

The 24th June is the anniversary of Kenneth Arnold's widely reported UFO sighting which basically started UFOlogy, and the 2nd July is the anniversary of the big one, Roswell. Both occurred 75 years ago in 1947.

Everyone, including us, will be talking about the big UFO incidents that happened on those dates and after. BUT I REALLY WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR UFO EVENTS. They are just as important as Roswell or the tictacs.

So please do get in touch either through YouTube, the Facebook page and group, Twitter, or even better by sending me an email via the contact form on WWW.UFOsandOPS.COM and if you allow I will tell the world YOUR story.


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