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Season 3 News

Hi everyone.

Season 3 is on its way and will be arriving in your ears very soon.

Just a few announcements to tell you about.

First is, we have a new logo. Bye bye to the twin flying saucers, and hello to the blue and yellow UFO.

Secondly, and as stated, season 3 will be with you very soon. The first episode will be about haunted vehicles.

We are very excited to announce to you that UFOs and Other Paranormal Stuff Podcast now has it's very own official online store.

Imagine, you can now sit down drinking your favourite hot beverage from an official UFOs and Other Paranormal Stuff mug, while wearing the official t-shirt too.

We also have some episode related merchandise too.

Visit the website where you will see a button at the top marked SHOP, click that and you will be whisked away to the new store.

Alternatively use this:

When purchasing use the code FIRSTWEEK to get 20% off.


Speak to you all soon.

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